2 Detached houses
Sant Andreu de la Barca
312 m2
Arquima S.L.

This project was developed by Eduard Balcells during his time as an architect and Passivhaus Designer at the company Arquima SL, who, with the aim to stand as a leader benchmark in the sustainable construction sector, promoted the construction of these 2 homes.

The goal from the very beginning was for this building to become the most sustainable project in Europe, a goal that was achieved by being the first to achieve the highest certifications in terms of sustainability, VERDE 5 leaves, and energy efficiency, Passivhaus Premium.

Heating Demand: 8 kWh/m2a
Cooling Demand: 14 kWh/m2a
Airtightness: 0,54 ren/h
Primary Power Demand: 56 kWh/m2a
Power Production: 132 kWh/m2a
The project consists of 2 two-storey houses distributed with the living area on the ground floor, with a great relationship with the outside thanks to its large openings on the facade, and the sleeping area on the first floor. Both homes form a very compact volume that reduces the surface area of its thermal envelope to a minimum. This envelope is solved with the Arquima S.L. prefabricated timber system. The insulation is made of wood fiber both inside the  modules and in the external isolation with which the exterior of the façade has been executed. The uniformity of the SATE system is interrupted by the combination of the openings with sections of ventilated façade with a wooden slats finish, giving dynamism to the composition of the set.

Comfort during the summer is achieved with different types of sun protections. On the one hand, two large wooden pergolas act as passive protections, while,  on the other, as an active system, most windows have a system of motorized stackable slat blinds whose orientation is automated controlled, ensuring proper sun protection depending on the position of the sun every day of the year.

The ventilation of the houses is solved with a mechanical system of double flow with heat recovery. This system, combined with temperature, relative humidity and CO2 probes, allows the home to maintain a relative humidity level between 50-60% and CO2 concentration below 1000 ppm. The air conditioning is done by underfloor heating and cooling, powered by aerothermal equipment. Domotized control of relative humidity allows the flow temperature of the radiant floor to be regulated in cooling mode to ensure that no condensation is generated.

Throughout the year, the building has a primary renewable energy consumption of 35 kWh/m2, which is covered with photovoltaic panels installed on the roof that generate 132 kWh/m2 per year, being an energy positive building.



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